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Get the Event of identifying a POI

Get the Event of identifying a POI


 I'm very new to Wikitude API. I managed to run the Example inside SDK.

How to capture the event which can Identify a POI is detected in the screeen.?

Eg; My requirement is once I get a POI to the screen I should be able to produce a vibrarion and call a my own function?

Is this possible ?

Please some one help me to do this with a sample code?

That is possible!

Have a look at the enterFieldOfVision and exitFieldOfVision trigger of an AR.GeoObject. These methods fire whenever the GeoObject (e.g. a POI) is entering/exiting the field of vision (screen).


var myGeoObject = new AR.GeoObject(myGeoLocation, {drawables: {cam: myDrawables}, triggers: { onEnterFieldOfVision: function() {
// enter screen
} , onExitFieldOfVision: function() {
// exit screen

Thanks for the reply. I managed to do this.but the issue is how I pass the details to java side? IS it posible to using url eg. Document.location etc. Pls help me to retrieve details which are taken inside java scripts. Thanks

yes, use e.g. document.location="architectsdk://vibrate" to get notified on the java side. Please have a look at the SDK documentation for details on the listener you have to implement.
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