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Wikitude App shows wrong POIs

Wikitude App shows wrong POIs


I created an ARchitect-World and ran it in the Wikitude app. But it shows me wrong POIs. Some of them are in the real world behind me oder in the north.

Does somebodey knows this problem?

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Could you please provide us with further details.

Which platform did you do your tests with (iOS, Android)

Test device

Android or iOS version number

Did you already try the sample application and observed same issue

Did you test on other devices and have the same behavior

Are the other POIs in Wikitude displayed in the correct location

Please also attached your code and screenshots as well as a detailed description of where the POIs should be located and where they are lcoated.




I tested it with a Samsung Galaxy Note 1 (Android 4.1.2) and a iPhone 4 (iOS 6), both shows the same error.

In the attachments you can find two pics from the note and the iPhone. Also my code is included. The kml-file shows you all points, which are used.


I made the pics from the point 1026 towards the point 1039. The Problem is, that in the first picture the POI with the number 1025 is behind me and more than 30m away. In the second pic you can see the POI 1036. This is in the north of me.


Hi Christoph!

Please be aware that location-handling and location-strategy is different between Android and iOS. Whereat iOS has in-built system location-fetching feature, you need to implement LocationManager manually, using the very basic implementation provided in the sample app or going deeper going a more sophisticated way, as documented in Android documentation.

Screenshots you attached result in a few meters difference, which can then change viewing angle of nearby places tremendously.

Kind regards,
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