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How to open another view after IR

How to open another view after IR

For example: after I scan barcode/QR, make it open view A, B, or C. Depends on what it could detect. Those views might be webview, tableview, etc.

How would I do that? Or is there similar approach to this? HTML or something like that?

Hi There!

When our SDK detects a certain IR element (in our case a Trackable2DObject) it triggers the onEnterFieldOfVision - method in javascript. In this method you can perform a certain action when your target is detected. 

E.g. The ArchitectUrlListener class provides the possibility to interact with the native world from Javascript. you can then write something like

// notify native environment

document.location = "architectsdk://openview


which then triggers the "public boolean urlWasInvoked(String uriString)" method in your native java world. I may refer you to the SamplePoidataFromNativeAndUrlListenerActivity-class in the SDKSamples project and the SDK documentation to get further information about this method and the intrinsics behind it.

Hope that helps,

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