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Error with Android+Wikitude SDK

Error with Android+Wikitude SDK

I have a problem running an application with Wikitude. Error "Requested module not found: com.wikitude.ti" in android.

Wikitudesdk.jar copied file in the lib directory. But apparently you can not find the module.

screen of all:

Hi Maximiliano!

Just copying the lib doesn't make the module work.
Please have a look at the provided sample application.
Cleanest approach is to

check out Wikitude Modules and sample app from github

download latest Wikitude SDK

paste the SDK library to "WikitudeAndroidModule/lib"

Rightclick Android Module and press publish

Select your target Project to install the plugin there

Another approach is to add the wikitudesdk.jar to the "WikitudeTitaniumSample/modules/android/com.wikitude.ti/3.0/lib"-folder and then copy-paste the modules-folder of the Sample project into your project.

Hope that helps.

Kind regards,

Tried both solutions and still get the same error as the original poster.

Hi again,

This is really strange as the issue isn't reproducible on our machines / Titanium Studio.
We are working on a Module Update that will ease use and provide more sample applications as we speak.
Please double check your set-up and stay tuned for upcoming updates.

Kind regards,

I'm having this exact same error:

Exception occurred at ti:/module.js:280: Uncaught Error: Requested module not found: com.wikitude.ti

I have the android module and the wikitudesdk.jar on the lib subfolder and i tried on the WikitudeTitaniumSample app and on my app and both give the same error on the device and on the emulator.

My tiapp.xml have the correct lines to include the module.

I attached an image of the folder structure and where I pasted the wikitudesdk.jar.

After mucho research and tests i found this post:

Here says that the error is with the compiled version on the github download and it's correct, i had to recompile the source in order to be able to use the module. 

I had some errors with the gperf when compiling, this is because I didn't have the Command Line Tools from Xcode installed on my machine, after installed and everything got setup correctly the compiling went ok. ( )

Whe loading the WikitudeAndroidModule project to Titanium Studio check the project properties and go to the Java Build Path and check if the jars are well directed, if not edit the entries on Libraries and point each jar where it is installed on your machine ( the js.jar is missing on 3.1.1.GA and 3.1.2.GA I only found it on 2.1.3.GA). After all this is done you can compile with ant on the Titanium Studio.

Hope this helps to someone.
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