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Indoors GEO

Indoors GEO

Hi everybody,

I was hoping somebody could help me with this, the problem is that i need to locate a device inside a classroom so i can´t use GPS and I couldn´t find any information to how to use other technologies to do so. I can´t install any sensors or build a virtual model of the classroom.

for using other means of locating the devei, our SDK includes the injectLocation methods. These methods can be called from platform code (e.g. Objective C on iOS) to inject any location.

In your case you can set the location to a fixed value that e.g. represents the teachers position in the classroom. For a more sophisticated aproach you can check with indoor positioning companies to use their solution for positioning. Using the same inject mehtods it is possible to use the position reported by the indoor positioning system.

If you are only using 1 location, on viable option is to use RelativeLocations, to position objects x meters north/east of user.
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