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Display far Markers on radar

Display far Markers on radar


I am using the radar example from sdk project, and I can display markers until I use far POIs from my current location. I've read in the documentation :

"Cutoff_max is set to 20 kilometers and defines the viewing distance beyond which the drawables will not be scaled anymore. The drawable will still appear in the same size on the screen, regardless if the distance to the object is 20 kilometers, or even more. This avoids drawables getting too small to see on the screen."

If I understand, the POIs will always be displayed but if they are further than 20 km,  they will have the minimum size. But in my example they are not displayed at all on the radar circle. 

Thanks for help


I guess what you are looking for is the maxDistance property of the radar. There you can define the maximum distance in meters for objects that are displayed on the radar. The cutoff_max has nothing to do with the radar but for displaying far distanced ar objects themselves.

I hope this answers your question,

Thank you Christian for the answer, i've tried to add the red lines on the init function of radar.js but I still don't have the POI once it's further than 50 km of my current location !! I've tested with different location it's always the same thing.

    init: function initFn() {
            // set the back-ground image for the radar
            AR.radar.background = new AR.ImageResource("img/radar_bg.png");

            // set the north-indicator image for the radar (not necessary if you don't want to display a north-indicator)
            AR.radar.northIndicator.image = new AR.ImageResource("img/radar_north.png");
            AR.radar.positionX = 0.04;
            AR.radar.positionY = 0.06;
            AR.radar.width = 0.3;
            AR.radar.centerX = 0.5;
            AR.radar.centerY = 0.5;
            AR.radar.radius = 0.3;
            AR.radar.northIndicator.radius = 0.0;
            AR.radar.enabled = false;
            var distanceKM = 200.0;
            var valueMeters = distanceKM * 1000.0;
            AR.radar.maxDistance = valueMeters;
          AR.context.scene.cullingDistance = valueMeters;
            // set the onClick-trigger for the radar.
            AR.radar.onClick = PoiRadar.clickedRadar;


Hi Christian,

Thanks for the answer, so I must replace every  POI  further than 50km by a fake one, with both of AR object AND Radar Indicator enabled. Because in this case I have neither the Image Marker on the camera view nor the indication on the radar.


This is what you need:


The default value is currently set to 50000


Well the problem was in this line


The code coming after it was ignored, so the cullingDistance was not setted.
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