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Absolutely BLACK object in encoder!

Absolutely BLACK object in encoder!

Hello guys, i need help ! I'm exporting an object from maya. It's made of blinn materials and a directional light. But when i take it into the encoder as a fbx file, the object is completely black! why? Please help me, this is important! Thank you!


this could mean 2 things. Either the textures cannot be found during encoding and the object has a black texture. Or, the light/material is not correctly encoded. Are there any errors/warning after encoding it with Wikitude3dEncoder?

Does it work if you remove all lights from the scene?

I can have a quick look at your model as well, if you post it in the forums or send a download link to info AT wikitude DOT com.


if i remove the lights it works but i need lights to make the surface reflect.

I'll give you the fbx file and the .mb file of the project. It seems to turn the colors off when the lights is on O_O

However i'm not using a texture more, it's just different blinn materials colored in different ways.



Good catch, thanks. This showed us a problem with the encoder when mutliple materials are used on the same mesh. We have fixed it for the upcoming release due in June.

If you can wait I would suggest waiting for the SDK update. Otherwise you might be able to split the model in multiple parts where each part only has a single material assign.

Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks for reporting the problem.

This is not a good news for me...  i had to finish the project before the end of the week. However, when will the SDK be updated?

Thank you for the answer!
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