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ARML Publishing Errors - Description Not Displaying

ARML Publishing Errors - Description Not Displaying
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Hello all,

I am trying to develop an ARML world, and I keep running into an odd situation.  The points display well, as they should, but when I click on them I get a screen that looks a bit broken that says "(Description not available)".  Screengrab here:

My original efforts in ARML were fairly ambitious, including about 44 points, images, long descriptions, etc.  In an effort to isolate the problem, I generated a file that's very small, and doesn't have many of the features I desire, and it still displays the error.  I did manage to get it to work once with a single point, but have been unable to reproduce the success.  It is code modified from this example:

Consequently, I have a few questions:

1.  What am I doing that is generating this error state, and how can I avoid doing it in the future?

2.  Are there any limitations regarding what tags I can use CDATA in?  I particularly want <name> and <description>

3.  Are there limitations on the length of <name> or <description>?

4.  Is ARML fussy about linebreaks?  I'd like to generate my code out of a spreadsheet, and it's a good bit easier if I don't have to insert line breaks in the code.

Many thanks!!

Code published here:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<kml xmlns=""

<ar:provider id="">
<ar:name>River Life: River Atlas</ar:name>
<ar:description>Join River Life for a tour of the St Anthony Falls Heritage Zone and learn about the history of the area from a series of significant places along the river.</ar:description>
<wikitude:providerUrl> </wikitude:providerUrl>
<wikitude:logo> </wikitude:logo>
<wikitude:icon> </wikitude:icon>
<wikitude:shortName>River Atlas </wikitude:shortName>
<wikitude:promotionText>A sense of where you are. </wikitude:promotionText>
<wikitude:promotionGraphic> </wikitude:promotionGraphic>
<wikitude:hiResIcon> </wikitude:hiResIcon>
<wikitude:featureGraphic> </wikitude:featureGraphic>
<Placemark id="200">
<name>IonE One</name>
<description>Description written here</description>

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