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Wikitude 3D Encoder won't load object materials...

Wikitude 3D Encoder won't load object materials...

Good to hear :) you are welcome!

Yes now it works :) thank you very much for the help!

"It looks already much better if you add a light for example."


Yes you should add light to the scene in order to get the reflection. The thing is we fixed some light issues that still exist in the version 1.0 (96). So it can happen that you still don't get the desired result. Just let me know if it works out for you with your version for now.

Oh wait, i used a light and now it's really better!!! Maybe it's because he needs light.... lol, what a noob i am? xD

You can see that the windows on the building reflect in maya (blinn) and they don't in wikitude encoder because they became lambert in encoder :/

alright....I attached two screenshots how I see it in the encoder and how I see your model in maya. Which materials are missing?

Actually my problem it's not solved. The encoder keeps removing materials from my object...

I'm sorry, first I created it with the current developement version (opened the wrong version) and second I misunderstood your question before. You can ignore this warning. For some reason a mesh was found with no id and there is no material assigned. That happens sometimes to nodes that wont be displayed anyway (like a motion path for example). So it can't have any material. Since you dont see the id in the message you can ignore it. You can export your model anyway.

I will put this on the list because it is confusing to display the warning in this case. Sorry for the inconvenience.

I can export it but I don't know how you want it to look like. It looks already much better if you add a light for example. I attach the fbx file (without light).


The encoder keeps me saying "Material Not Assigned" for every object, even if i use your fbx.

Detailed warning message:

Mesh '' has no material assigned


The encoder crashes if i open the wt3, which version are u using? maybe i have to set something in maya to esport the fbx in the right way?

Ok this is an annoying problem. I have to solve it. I cannot delete shadowGlows.. it is part of Maya. you cannot delete it. So i don't think this is the problem. Please help me, this is ridicolous! I'm creating a simple blinn sphere and the encoder removes the material blinn!!?

Uhm you are right, i removed the materials but i cannot remove the shadowGlow, it says "shadowGlow cannot be remove"... damn!

You have several complex materials in your Maya file. A couple of those definetly won't work:




Particles and the shaders are not supported. The export message you get from maya refers to a shader which can't be exported, so it changes the material to a simple lambert material. Please use only basic materials like phong, blinn, lambert or similar. You see all of your materials in the Hypershade window in Maya.

I hope that helps.

Hi, the version is 1.096 or something similar i think.

I will attach you my real project and not the sphere. It's a simple building and it's made just by blinn materials.



Ok now maya says me " unable to export some materials: shading map 1 will be exported as lambert materials"

damn... what does it mean? how can i fix?

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