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example heloworld

example heloworld



I use eclipse with cordova 2.7.0 in linux ubuntu.

I just installed the helloworld example. I do not understand what should happen, I see the webcam and the trial tag in the background. How should I use it?



I just saw that turning the phone toward a certain direction, I see the word hello world. This demo confuses me a bit. I would be interested in using the library, but this demo leaves me a little puzzled ..


Hi Vincenzo,

great that you are using the Plugin for PhoneGap. I assume when you refer to HelloWorld example you mean the basic example shipped together with the Plugin on GitHub

The example actually is a very very basic application and demonstrates the basic set-up (PhoneGap, SDK and Plugin) and a very simple Hello World label. Once this is running in your set-up you can go through the tutorials here for the AR parts of your PhoneGap application (

Are there other parts that confuse you?




I also tried the other example hello IR after startup but seems to fade. I was expecting the examples that showed the potential of the framework. To evaluate what you can do with Wikitude necessarily have to develop?


the included sample apps should make it easier for you to get started and are not a demo app. As mentioned in my previous post, you can get an idea of the power of the platform if you follow the available tutorials


hello, I just imported the project helloimagerecognition,

I installed the lib vuforia but the app crashes when I press launch in index.html.


When you start the console I read this error:

  The library 'wikitudesdk.jar' contains native libraries That will not run on the device.

HelloImageRecognition> The Following libraries were found:

HelloImageRecognition> - libs / armeabi /

Could this be the problem?

example of what this app does?

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