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Basic Vs Professional Feature Availability

Basic Vs Professional Feature Availability



1. Is there a link on Wikitude which gives the feature(not just the price and support, but technical features) comparison between Professional and Basic/Lite Version of Wikitude?

2.  Can I use Lite for IR and Geo, other than 3D, is there anything that Lite doesn't support?

3. How does the Wikitude Licensing affect the use of Phonegap plugin?




Hi Deepak,

1. Please have a look at our developer page. At the bottom all Features are listed and described. Currently the difference between Lite and Pro is the 3D feature. The other features are available in all SDK packages.

2. Yes - the IR feature is currently available in all our packages for the Educational to the Pro version.

3. If you decide to use the phonegap plugin, you simply choose the SDK package of your choice and there is no extra cost for the Wikitude PhoneGap plugin.



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