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set a point in the world geo

set a point in the world geo


I'm trying in every way to bring up a geo-point in the world but I can not see even if I do not by any error.

The code I'm trying to use is:



var myGeoLocation = new AR.GeoLocation(40.8219, 14.1872);//BMT mostra d.m.

var myCircle = new AR.Circle(1,
{ onClick : function() {
alert('Cliccato: circle');
style: {fillColor: '#00ABEF'}

var myGeoObject = new AR.GeoObject(myGeoLocation , {
enabled : false,
drawables: {cam: myCircle}


but I can not. What's wrong?

Hi Vincenzo,

you have set the AR.GeoObject to enabled: false in its constructor. This will hide it so it is totally okay it is not visible.

Just remove the enabled: false property, or replace it with enabled: true.
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