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Some POIs are not tappable in AR Live view

Some POIs are not tappable in AR Live view

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I have implemented POI Locator using wikitude SDK 1.2, Xcode 4.2 and iOS 5.1.

All Pois generated in genearetePoi method load in the AR World, but some of the POIs are not tappable in live view.

Also, no Poi gets tapped if AR Browser remains ideal for some time and if the live view is refreshed, All Pois disappears from live view.

How to check whether generateOnPoiBubbleClickFunc(id) gets called on click of poiDrawable?

Is there any way to print on console from generateOnPoiBubbleClickFunc(id) function?

Please suggest if i am doing something wrong in ARchitectBrowser.html file (attached) or this is bcoz of trial version of sdk.

Thanks in advance.

Kishan Lal
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