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Poi not tappable in AR Browser.

Poi not tappable in AR Browser.

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I have implemented POI Locator using wikitude SDK 1.2, Xcode 4.2 and iOS 5.0.

Everything is working fine, but Pois are not tappable if AR Browser remains ideal for some time.

When i refresh the live view, pois disappears from live view.

On app launch, all pois are not tappable, some pois respond in live view.

Please help me in this regard.

Thanks in advance.

Kishan Lal

Since this issue is 4 years old: did you (Wikitude) provide a solution for this one? I had paid for SDK 5 but running into the same problem and need a solution asap.

Hi Nico,

Which platform are you testing? When you mention you have the same issue you mean that you cannot select the POIs?



Hi Eva

Yes, but it seems that it's working when we're using the destroyAll method. But unfortunately with this method the views 'flicker' on update.


Hello Nico,

Since you are referring to a different problem in your last post could you please share a video with us demonstrating your issue?



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