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HelloWorld !!!

HelloWorld !!!

Hi friends finally i run the HelloWorld using one Samsung Galaxy ACE with 2.3.6 Android Versio, but only generating the DEBUG.

Kind regards.



Hi Juan,

Thanks for your interest in our PhoneGap plugin.
What's exactly the issue?
Do you have any logcat information. You solely need to add wikitude SDK and vuforia libraries as described to tun the provided Android phonegap-samples.
Please ensure to use very latest Wikitude SDK and latest Vuforia SDK (in case you're using IR too).

Kind regards,

Dear Andreas thanks  by your help, I run the HelloWorld demo using the DEBUG under my Galaxy ACE and runs fine, let me download this files recommend and I will be contacting here by the Forum to understand and study this amazing library wikitud, regards again.

Juan Gomez
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