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File arml error

File arml error

I can not create a world ARML uploading a file. I tried to create an ARML file (version 1.0) and I get this error: "The file prover is not a valid arm file, please check syntax". I even tried to upload the example file-arml.xml Wikitude and error is the same. I would appreciate help. Thank you very much.

Hi Sonia,

In order to check where the problem is in your file, please send us your arml to so we can check it.



Thanks for responding so quickly.
I saw where the problem was The symbol ?

In my document the header was:

<?xml version=?1.0? encoding=?UTF-8??>
<kml xmlns='' xmlns:ar=''



I changed to the following code and it works correctly:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<kml xmlns=""


Thank you very much
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