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Put an arrow at the top of the screen above each POI rendered

Put an arrow at the top of the screen above each POI rendered

Hi there,


In our application we need something very similar to indicators. For each object that is farther than K meters from the user, instead of displaying its ImageDrawable I'd like to display an arrow, at the POI's X location but at the top of the screen. The arrow needs to be displayed only at the top edge of the screen (As opposed to indicators which appear on the left and right edges as well) and the arrows need to be clickable.


Any ideas how I would be accomplishing this? I researched and there's no possible way to get the projected X/Y pixel location of a POI, correct?

Any help would be much appreciated.

The exact thing you are looking for is not supported in the SDK, but here are a few things you can still accomplish:

- Change the appearance of a POI that is farther away than K meteres. (use the distanceTo method of AR.GeoLocation and enable = false|true for the drawables, alternatively you can just add the drawables that are needed e.g. if K is won't change)

There might be other possibilities, for which it helps to know what your exact usecase is.
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