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Open film best practices on iOS

Open film best practices on iOS

Currently we don't support playing flash video (e.g. youtube) direclty. However I have put it on the list of features to discuss for an upcoming verison.

When using our SDK you can easily add that functionality yoursef. E.g. use the architectsdk:// url callback mechanism to get a notification in native code when you want to display a flash video. Then start your own viewcontroller/acitivty that displays the video and provides the navigation paradigm you want to use.


Same issue for me !





Hi there,

I have played with wikitude for a while now and I was wondering what is the best practice for opening videos.

I have tested 3 options and I'm not happy with any of them.

1. upload film to your storage server and use AR.context.startVideoPlayer

2. use youtube and AR.context.openInBrowser(url);

3. use youtube and AR.context.openInBrowser(url, true);

The first approach works well but it is expensive if you have normal web server, many users and big video file.

So I have decided to upload file to youtube and play from there but then I have navigation issues.

If I use 2 option I will have normal youtube page opened in webview with film ebeded on the page instead of just having single film in fullscreen mode. 

If I use 3 option I have nice native player and the video starts plaing with no problems, but then there is big issue with navigation - as it is another application I will loose "back"  navigation button. 

It would be great if AR.context.startVideoPlayer could play .flv file from youtube page, or if there was function AR.context.startYoutubePlayer or something similar.

So I was wondering how do people more experienced with Wikitude embed videos in their applications. 

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