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Problem with Android SDK Javascript AR WebView

Problem with Android SDK Javascript AR WebView

Is there any way to reset/init the WebView of Wikitude to recover the settings or any configuration that may be wrong?

Help, please.


I have a problem. If I load the AR Activity everything works fine. But if I visit another section of the app that is a WebView, when I exit of that WebView ando go to the AR Activity, the message "Loading..." keeps in screen and nothing works.

I have to swipe de app from recent apps to get the AR works again.

I have tried everything about "clear" the WebView on exit (onDestroy inside a Fragment):


if (mWebView!=null){











            //mWebView = null;




EDIT: I have found that callJavaScript from Java not works anymore after I visit another internal WebView of my app. That's the reason because World.init isn' called. Any idea, please?


Any idea?


Thanks in advance.


Hi Jorge, 

Could you please confirm the version of our SDK that you are working with and if you are testing with any of our plugins or with just SDK Android Javascript?


Hi, thanks for your reply. We need urgent help :(

Version: WikitudeSDK_Android_5-3-0_2016-09-13_14-19-36

We are using Android Javascript. Is there any way reseting WebView of Wikitude?

Hi again, 

Is there any way to get pay support? Via email or skype.

Thanks in advance.

Hi, Nicola & Eva,

We finally managed to solve the problem. We were pausing and resuming the JavaScript timer in our custom WebView in the fragment lifecycle methods, and this was affecting the AR webview behaviour. The Wikitude WebView doesn't fire resumeTimers of JavaScript, so in order to avoid this, we had to call resumeTimers in a fake WebView before accessing the Wikitude WebView.


Thanks again for the support, hope this sheds some light for future problems with other customers.
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