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Debugging JavaScript applications using ADE.js

Debugging JavaScript applications using ADE.js


currentyl I am trying to get started with debugging the JavaScript/HTML part on the desktop. For this I try to use ADE.js. However, not even the examples provided with the SDK do work. I always get the following exception: AR.ClientTracker is not a constructor. Everything else (except the architect:// sourcing) apparently works. I tried Firefox and Chome as well as starting it directly from fs and from a local web server.

I get the ADE icon in the right corner and I can open the panel with the tree-view. But the main content area is stuck at "Loading...".

Any ideas?

Hi there,

me again. Just found out myself that the ade.js in the samples directory of the sdk appears to be outdated. Copying the one from the tools directory makes the problems go away.




Hello Thies,


thank you for bringing this issue to our attention. You are correct, the ade.js file in the ARchitectExamples directory is indeed outdated. I changed our build pipeline such that the file is now continuously updated.


Kind regards


Hi thies,


what do you mean when taking about the tool directory ? Whers is his location ?

Best regards



Hi Stéphane,


<WIKITUDE_DOWNLOAD_PACKAGE_ROOT>/Tools/ADE/ade.js is the file Thies is referring to.


Kind regards


Hi Daniel,

thank you. I found it in the android SDK archive on the right place (I just never download it because i'm using titanium module).

best regards

Stéphane ADAM
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