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Help with Interactivity on iOS App

Help with Interactivity on iOS App


I've been searching through the documentation to find any references to add interactivity in an IOS Application. I could see for Android, but no proper documentation and API references for iOS platform.

I want to detect an image and add an overlay view on the rendered rectangle with button to push the next view controller.

Could anyone point me to the right direction?? Any references would be helpful.

Hi Shrey,

This is the link where you should refer to in order to add interactive for iOS.

Thank you, 


Thanks for the quick response.

I was trying to achieve this in iOS Native Framework. 

Are these features not available in the Native framework?? 

Instead of going to a website, can i push a new controller on the button tap?

Hi Shrey,

We do not offer any examples on interactivity in Native API, since this is entirely up to the developer to program how he wishes his app to behave. The Native API wraps the main functionalities of the Wikitude and enables the full computer vision power in your app. To keep it lean, the Native API does not integrate a separate rendering engine, but offers you the full flexibility in terms of rendering augmented reality content.

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