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POIs fixed to Cam (Android 5, Xamarin, SDK 5.2)

POIs fixed to Cam (Android 5, Xamarin, SDK 5.2)

Hello everyone,

my POIs moves with the camera, sometimes they slide a little bit to the left or right.
I use the Google Play Services for location determination. The PlayServices calls

architectView.SetLocation(location.Latitude, location.Longitude, location.Altitude, location.Accuracy);

every 5 Seconds.

I think, it's not a location determination problem, it's accurate up to 3 meters. I downloaded a compass app and this seems to be very precise... I also use one of the examples and I also adjust the Marker positions (so I don't use the random position markers).

Here some Code Snippets:

// in loadPois, is called once in onLocationChanged --> AR.context.onLocationChanged = World.locationChanged;
World.markerList.push(new Marker(this.poiData));

// in marker.js
var markerLocation = new AR.GeoLocation(poiData.Latitude, poiData.Longitude);


    this.markerObject = new AR.GeoObject(markerLocation, {

        drawables: {

            cam: // returns an AR.HtmlDrawable




I don't want to use Altitude, because my phone always returns "0.0". I use an OnePlus X.


Have anyone some ideas, where the problem is? Some Compass Setups required in Android which needs to delegate to the ArchitectView?





EDIT: Sorry, wrong Forum - can u please move it to the Android Subforum?.
EDIT: The problem doesn't appears in the wikitude app on my phone.

Wikitude app uses GooglePlay Location Service. Your location service implementation may cause the drift-effect.
Please use AR.CONST.ALTITUDE_UNKNOWN to ignore altitude handling and try with one POI and static location-injection to check if it is a compass ot location issue.

Please also check behaviour of latest JS SDK Sample application.

Sorry for inconvenience.
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