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AR.context.onScreenClick not working for me, on a Samsumg S6, any event click is hitted... Im able to run all android demos but taping on the screen never select pois nor hitting the context.onScreenClick 

If I put a html button on screen and I set the onClick event this is working 

Can you please 

Hi Toni,
Just to summarize your issue: On a Samsung S6, you aren't able to click/select anything. If you put a html button tag in your architect world and implement the onclick event, this event is fired.

Can you give us some more information?
* Which SDK version are you using
* Which Android version is running on the S6
* does this happen for our example application as well as for your own application?

Best regards,


Thank you very much for your prompt response, my problem is just as you described

Im using the xamarin sdk

Android version 6.0.1

Im using your sample from github




Hi Toni,
The sample from GitHub is not developed/maintained from our side at the moment. Could you please try the demo that is included in our Xamarin Component? You might need to replace the Architect World if needed.

Usually this problems occurs if an (older) version of jQuery is used which kind of hides the tap on a web view for our SDK. So removing jQuery from your Architect World might help.

Best regards,


Thanks Andreas

Do you mean I can not use jquery at all, if so, which is the alternative or what is the right way to use jquery ??

Im interestet in display pois on screen and interac with them, presenting details etc... have you any working sample for the xamarin sdk similar to the samples on github???





Thanks a lot


Hi Toni,
We use jQuery in our examples as well and have no issues with it. Some people however mention that in combination with Xamarin, they have issues with clicks. So far I have no answer to this.

Officially we only have the example that is part of the component. You can add any other Architect World to it and change the path to the World within the view controller. You can of course impl. something like you mentioned, it just might be that you need to implement the detail screen in C#. We do have an example (6_BrowsingPois_5_NativeDetailScreen) how to do this in our example application which is part of our standard Architect SDK (Android/iOS) package. You just need to transform this example into C# and Xamarin.

Best regards,

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