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3D tracking not working in Native Examples app on iOS.

3D tracking not working in Native Examples app on iOS.

Using the Native Examples app included with the SDK, I'm able to record a tracking map, but once saved, nothing happens.  I assume I should see the orange square I see in the 2D tracking demo. 

Is there something I'm missing here?


SDK version 1.2.0 

XCode 7.3

iOS version 9.3.2

tried on iPad Mini and iPhone 6S

Hello Joshue,

Once you have successfully recorded a map then this map is saved on your device. From then on, you need to develop your own code where you say how you want to interact with that map, you can also think of the recorded map as a target image file where again you need to develop code saying how to interact with this image. For further information you can have a look at our sample here at the 3D tracking section and see how you can modify the sample code to interact with your recorded map.

Thank you

Thanks for your reply Eva,  unfortunately even after recording a map successfully in iOS native SDK v 1.2.0,  something seems to be wrong with the model view and projection matrices coming from the tracker.  


However, it IS working correctly in SDK version 1.3.0 which I just noticed was updated on the downloads page.  So seems to have been a bug in the SDK that was fixed. 


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