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SLAM tracking without creating a map

SLAM tracking without creating a map

Hi, i want to place a 3d model in a real world coordinate system, i have read that i can do that with Wikitude SDK, but why i should record a map before? is it possible to place a model  when a first point or maybe more have recognized? 

Hi Nosov,

If I understood correctly you wish to place a 3D model once one or more POIs are loaded. This is something that you can do simply by using GeoLocation and then placing the 3D model at the point(s) you wish. You can have a reference to this post for further details. 

I hope this helps.

Sorry, no. My question about 3d model in a real wrold coordinate system like a room. But I neen to place a 3d model without markers and something else. Do you know how to do that?


In order to apply that scenario you will have to request for a 3D tracking Beta license here. Please keep in mind that our current 3D Tracking beta version is optimised for small scenes. You can find details on the latest news and current status here.


Thanks for your answer, i have already got the licence. But i really don't know what i should do with that? I changed the kWTLicenseKey in WikitudeLicense.h and nothing happend! I just got  "beta" labels on the screen. Can you tell me what i shold do?

Hi Nosov,

I am assuming that you are working with our sample apps. You enter the beta license key exactly where you would enter any other key you have obtained. Once you have done that you should see be able to work with 3D Tracking or even Record a Map and try to experiment with that.

If you need anything else please report here. Thanks
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