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Android Studio this.architectView.load() not work

Android Studio this.architectView.load() not work

Hi everybody, 

I?m writing in reference to a problem with use wikitudeSDKSample 3.2.1 in Android Studio 1.5 and 2.0

I searched in wikitude forum and in stackoverflow but i can't resolve it.

When I call this.architectView.load();  this not work with a local file, but it works with

I try use:






this.architectView.load(getActivity().getAssets().openFd("file:///app/src/main/assets/index.html").toString() );

this.architectView.load(getContext().getAssets().openFd("file:///app/src/main/assets/index.html").toString() );

but no one works.

The index.html is in assets folder created by android studio, the structure is:


assets (it contains pictures, i tryed change name, but nothing is changed)






In my build.grandle file I have:

sourceSets { main { assets.srcDirs = } }

Can you help me to find a solution of this problem?

Thanks in advance




Hi Serena,

Please have a look at the provided Sample application, which also uses relative paths within the assets folder. Calling architectView.load("index.html") will load file from application's assets folder and architectView.load("yourpath/index.html") the index html-file in yourpath, relative to the assets root directory, no need to use absolute assets-directory.

There may even be an error in your JS code. Have you tried loading it from assets root folder? Please first try loading a valid sample application and then replace it with your own source code.

Also have a look at Android remote dubugging to find potential JS errors.

I hope this helps

Hi Eva,

thanks for your answer! I checked my project and I understand that the index.html is loaded, but the radar, the markers and the footer aren't show in architectureView.  I tried to check project with Android remote debugging, but it not show any error. I have AR.radar.enabled=true; What else can i check?

Thanks again.

Hello Serena,

If you are able to load the Architect World from a server then you should also be able to load it locally. I would suggest you do the following. First, have a close look at the relative path you are using for storing the files locally and make sure that they are correct. In addition, you can also have a look at our sample code to see exactly how the Architect World is loaded locally there.



thanks for your reply, now index.html is loaded! :) but I can't see any AR objects. I tried bedug it with  Android Remote Debugging, the structure of page is correct but the radar isn't showing.

I think the problems may be that:

1) the Location is null 

2) the urlListener contains  com.example.XXX.EEE and not "architectsdk://foo?bar=123"

What do you think about this?

Thanks again



Hi Serena,

I suggest you start with our samples and then try to adjust them, by adding or removing functionality, so that you can start creating your own app.

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