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fbx import to wiki 3d problem !

fbx import to wiki 3d problem !

Can you send us the fbx, please?

hi, i've created a model ( head with hair )in modo, i set the head a very low specular and about 10% transparency for the hair,

then saved it as fbx 2015 and export it to wiki 3d but it turned out the specular of the hair is very high and there is no transparency for the hair !


i've tested before in autodesk fbx reviewer and it looks fine though .

could anyone advise ?



hi, already send to you last friday. did you receive it ? 


No, we didn't receive anything yet.

Please provide the fbx as a donwload link or send it as an attachment to


i've already resend 2 days ago  to both your emails at &

did you receive it ? 


Yes, received. Thanks for letting us know. 

The fbx does not contain a texture.
Can you provide an fbx including the texture or the texture file (.png), please?

Regarding transparency: Since you use a textured surface, the transparency used for rendering in the Wikitude encoder/SDK comes from the alpha channel of the texture. 
You must make sure that the texture, that is, the png image file, has an alpha layer and that this layer is connected to the transparency of material assigned to the hair.

Regarding lighting: The fbx says that the ambient color of the material and the ambient light source are black. Can you check the values in your 3D modeling tool. 
This may also be caused by the fbx export of your modeler. Also the Blender export does not set the value correctly.

ok. i've increase the ambient intensity in modo but stii getting the same result .

Did you send the texture?

It's hard to check the lighting if the model is black.
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