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releasing hardware camera inside unity

releasing hardware camera inside unity


i need to release the hardware camera that wikitude is using inside unity.

reason is, i want to switch to another component that needs the camera without switching to another activity.

is this possible somehow?




The only way to do this right now is to destroy the "WikitudeCamera" script. Also, switching the scene to a new one that doesn't have the Wikitude camera will accomplish the same thing.

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I've already tried to switch to another scene where nothing of wikitude is present inside.

still the camera seems to be in use somehow as i get the following error: 

W/CameraBase: An error occurred while connecting to camera: 0

this sounds to me that the camera is still in use by wikitude somewhere. I also tried to explicitly destroy all wikitude objects in the scene with the same result as above. :(


I will look into it, sorry for the inconvenience. Would it be possible to post a sample project where this issue is present?

Thank you,

Thank you! Im sorry as I can't post a sample of my project.
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