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React Native Support?

React Native Support?

Hi there,

I don't believe it is supported now, but will wikitude work in the future with React Native? It seems like it would be a good fit, and I would much rather work in React Native then many of the other options available. Just curious, thanks!

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Hi Dear Wikitude Team,

Are you planning on supporting React Native? We are using your Android JS SDK in a few projects and are going to move towards React Native. 



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 Hi Guys, we have created a React Native Bridge for Wikitude and posted on Github and available as NPM

Hoping this helps someone :)

The BRAVE Digital team.

Any updates on that front? Is it possible at this point to use wikitude with React Native? 

Hello Alexander,

We do not have any plans to add support for React Native in the near future. Should anything change, we will update you.



Hi. Client has a base app that is done in react native. How can we embed wikitude into their app then? We wanted to add a camera icon in their app to launch wikitude camera. We are using unity 3D with wikitude. Thanks Shen
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