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Keep AR element on screen when tracking is lost ?

Keep AR element on screen when tracking is lost ?


I am developing an application where smartphone users can click on AR elements to access some content.

I have the following problem :

1 - when the user decide to click on a AR element, this action create a small movement of the smartphone (of few millimiters maybe).

2 - frequently, this movement lead to the lost of the environment tracking, and then the AR element disapear.

3 - as the AR element disapear a fraction of second before the actual "click" event, there is no reaction of the application,

4 - all that leads to bad user experience ;-(

Is there any solution related to this problem ? Maybe keeping the AR element alive for 1 little second when the tracking is lost so the touch interaction is still possible ?

I tried to activate "extended tracking" but I can't see a big difference (and moreover extended tracking is not something I want to activate given the use case of the application).

Thanks for your support :-)


For keeping the content locked to the screen - please check our snap-2-screen functionality. Here is a tutorial for eg. a video drawable.



Thanks for this idea Nicola :-)

If I understand the snap-to-screen feature correctly, we can display the drawable related to a Trackable2DObject in a <div>, on our application (??).

For our click to be propertly registered on the particular drawable targeted by the user, we would need to place the <div> so the rendered elements are placed exactly where they were on the screen before the tracking was lost. Is that possible ?

Hi Amauri!
Yes, that's exactly how it works. The SDK "reads out" the position and dimention of your div in order to render the scene in the div's area of the influence.
Have a look at the examples Nicola referred to for more details
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