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Licence question commercial

Licence question commercial

I didn't find category for my question but it s related to to Titanium module.

I want to buy the SDK+ license for one year.

Is it possible to create multiple apps I won't publish on the store ? This is to show to my customers.

But if I understood, if I publish one app with the wikitude license key on AppStore or Google Play I cannot re use it for another app on the AppStore or Google Play ?


Hi Patrick,

As the SDK licenses are bound to the Android package name / iOS bundle id, you'll need a key for each application.




Hi but If I don't push my app on the AppStore or Google Play Store, I can create as many apps as I want for demonstrating purpose only using one commercial license ?

Thanks for your reply.


If you only use your app for demos, you can also get our demo license. Here are the terms:

Only for demo purposes and not valid for publishing in any public distribution channels (e.g. Apple AppStore, Google Play,?)

Valid for 3 months ? is invalidated afterwards

Shows small Wikitude logo in lower-left corner

I hope this helps. Greetings



Thank you

I want to buy a SDK Pro+ or SDK Pro license.


For SDK PRO, I have question : 

If I buy the SDK PRO, my license for Wikitude will be avalaible with no limit of time ?



For SDK PRO+, I have question : 

- can I get the SDK PRO+ license for one year only ?

- Can I can specify I want the SDK PRO+ license for 1 year only ?

- If I buy the SDK PRO+, my license for Wikitude will be avalaible with no limit of time ?




Our SDK licenses are valid for the app livetime.

But the SDK PRO does not include free SDK updates (if you wish or have to upgrade to from SDK 5.x to e.g. 6.x).

With an active PRO+subscription you're entitled to updates and premium support. If you only want your license for 1 year, you'll need to cancel the subscription before the renewal.


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