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iOS Wikitude App vs Android Wikitude App

iOS Wikitude App vs Android Wikitude App
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Has anyone noticed any significant difference between the performance of augmentations accessed on an iOS device compared to an Android device? A client has been noticing that iOS users are able to see overlay videos much more consistently and rapidly than those using Android devices. We have checked and the Androids are all within the specified range (all Galaxy S4 or newer, running Android 5.0+) but on average are taking at least twice as long as similar age iOS devices to recognise trigger images and load videos. More worrying is that in more than half the cases the video either does not load at all or only the audio loads. 

Can anyone shed any light on this? Any similar experiences? Any suggestions to mitigate these negative effects?

Wikitude Team: Have you come accross this issue previously and if so, is there a better version of the Android Wikitude App being developed? Our client is threatening to pull the project if the performance can't be more consistent accross devices. Please advise.



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