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3d not showing in cloud reco

3d not showing in cloud reco

I'm trying to use the cloud of wikitude on unity , but it dosen't work.

This what I did:
- I created a database and added some contents .
- Pressed on publish and copied "Client Token" and "Target collection id"
- In the Wikitude example , I deleted the ClientTracker , and added CloudTracker
- In the CloudTracker : Authentification Token = Client Token   (from target manager)
                                Target collection id     = Target collection id (from target manager)

- in Target pattern= target name (from target manager)
- added child from Trackable - Wikitude eye model

-switch platform to android
-run the example
- This message appear "Tracker Finished Loading"
- On , The scan increased and the image increased 

But the WikitudeEye Model didn't appear on the image

What should I do ?

Hi angie,
We did some testing internally and couldn't reproduce your issue. Can you make sure that the target pattern is correctly set in your trackable?

The fact that the scan increased shows that the image was processed on our server and the result was send back to the device, so the only problem I can think of right now would be a wrong target pattern.

Best regards

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