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Paragraphs in POI description text

Paragraphs in POI description text



I am working on a Wikitude World and have a question regarding the description text.

I already uploaded a trial version of my world and it showed my POIs correctly but the paragraphs in the description texts of the POIs are not showing. It is one running text. Why are they not showing? Is it generally possible to have paragraphs in the description text? If yes, how do I do that?



Which format are you using to publish your content in Wikitude (KML, ARML, HTML)? Can you please provide us with the file you're uploading.




sorry, I forgot to add that. I am using ARML.

I will attach the file. I added the description only to the first POI in this file.

Hope you can help me.

Looking forward to your answer!

Hi Ralph,

Unfortunately description for ARML and KML worlds has to be plain text: in fact, html code will be stripped away.

If you want to provide a really fancy experience, you could implement an ARchitect world; indeed, you can use all the power of our JavaScript API (including HTML and CSS).

A good starting point are the examples included with our SDK Examples App. You can find our SDK Examples App bundle together with our SDK (

Also have a look at our documentation page: . Here you can find "Point of Interest" examples described step by step.

I hope it helped.

For any further question don't hesitate to ask.


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