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3d model at absolute point

3d model at absolute point

Hi Matti,

please take a look at the distanceToUser function of AR.Location:

Also check out the example Browsing Pois, Limiting Visible Pois:  

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I try to make a building that was demolished in its old place in real size. I use 3d model and absolute geolocation point and I want it to be in real size no matter far or close I am to the geolocation point. So model should be bigger and smaller. And it works, but when I go too far from that point model reaches its smallest size and then freezes at that size. So if I go even twice far it has same size. And if I go to other end of the city I still can see model in that smallest size.

Have Wikitude SDK some restrictions about minimum size of the model? And is it possible to hide model if distance to place is more then, for example 1km?

I tried to change culling distance, but nothing changed.

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