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Cordova Plugin port to epson Moverio BT-200

Cordova Plugin port to epson Moverio BT-200

Hello Wikitude devs,

I am a german student and i have to write an AR App for my scientific research project. 

i created successfull an app for my android device (nexus 5) with the cordova plugin. Its very easy to use the wikitude plugin and thanks for it :)

Now my university got an Epson Moverio BT - 200. Is it possible to port the cordova AR App to the epson Moverio SDK? I read this: but this is not possible because there is no wikitude.jar! In the Wikitude Cordova Plugin there is an package called wikitude.aar with an classes.jar => But its not working if i replace it :)

I rewrote the for the epson moverio BT- 200 and i got now the message that the required feature ("2d_tracking") is not supported. I think this is because i have not the right driver or something like that? What can i do? Is it possible to bring the epson sdk with the wikitude cordova plugin together?

Has it something to do with the version 5.0? And i have to wait for the update?

Thanks for your help

Alexander Deutschmann


Hi Alexander,

we are glad you like our Product and Cordova plugin! Thank you for your nice feedback.

You can't use the standard aar library, but must use the library built for the Epson Moverio, which is contained in the Moverio release package. But since the Epson Moverio wasn't updated for SDK 5 , you can't use the latest Wikitude Cordova Plugin. For Wikitude Cordova you would need to use the Github tag: 4.0.3-2.1.3, but this tag won't be compatible with the latest Cordova version. So this will be some work, and we never tried to run Cordova on the Moverio, so there might be other problems.

Can I ask why do you want to use Cordova for the Epson? You can reuse the AR world JS code with the Moverio SDK.

Best regards,
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