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HtmlDrawable and onEnterFieldOfVision

HtmlDrawable and onEnterFieldOfVision



Lets say I create a HtmlDrawable with html '<span id='myId'>foo</span>'.


I want to add a class 'foo-visible' to it when the target is detected. I wish to apply a nice transition effect when target is detected.

My first guess was to use the function in 'Trackable2DObject' called 'onEnterFieldOfVision'. Only issue is I can't get reference to the HtmlElement which has id as 'myId'.

I also tried to explore all the DOM elements using this:

var items = document.getElementsByTagName("*");
for (var i = items.length; i--;) {


But it seems no <span> element among the visited DOM elements.

Thanks for any help.


I think that you need to get the HtmlDrawable.html propertie and the put the class on inline-style. like set it again.
Html inside HtmlDrawable is not in the DOM (i think :D)

Good luck

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