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I cant add wikitude cordova plugin using cli

I cant add wikitude cordova plugin using cli

Hi everyone,, I have 2 problems. Im new in hybrid as well as javascript,, sorry for my bad english as well..

1. fetching plugin from github,, ive been trying to add wikitude plugin many time but seems it cant be fetched.. I try to downgrade my cordova to 5.0.0 still not working..Ive been trying this for a day,, 

2. How to use examples in wikitude as I dont understand the architect.js ... should i include the architect.js inside my cordova project?.. do i need to create index.js to conenct to the plugin?  can some1 guide me :(.. tyvm

For number 1, i think it's already solved, during that time,, im installing updates on my xcode,, sorry for the inconvenience
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