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Examples of KML & ARML files

Examples of KML & ARML files

Can anyone provide an example of a good, feature-rich, KML file?

I am trying to build up my own KML file for a World showing interesting POIs in my village but cannot figure out what is/is not possible in KML.  The file produced by Google Maps is very basic and some of the features don't work in Wikitude (e.g. an image of the building at a Geo Location).  If someone can provide an example for me to use that would be great - even if it's just the <Placemark> contents from a file.

If KML is going to be too limited then I guess I'll try the ARML file format, but again, some basic guideline of what one can put in such a file would be a great help.

Alternatively, perhaps someone can point me in the direction of the documentation if it exists.

Many thanks, Adam

Hi Adam,

There are generally 3 formats you can use to do that:
Find general details on the first 2 options here.
- ARML - Details on this format can be found here.
- HTML/css/js - Details on this format can be found here.

As you have the most freedom with the 3rd format in regards to the design and functionality we would suggest to use the last option. You can store everything in your server and simply reference the .html file in the Publish in Wikitude tool.

All these options are free of charge if you publish to Wikitude.

Thanks for the help Nicola.

The lnk to the ARML specification looks like it is exactly what I need - so thanks for that.  In case it's of benefit to you, The first link (to the KML/ARML details) doesn't really give much useful technical information. The one thing it does suggest is to use the KML generated by Google Maps, but as I discovered, it's doesn't always produce the results you want and, as a techie geek, I wanted to know what was possible.  

Also, the last link (the the HTML info) didn't work.  

If I can use the Wikitude product commercially I may write a script that can generate the ARML file dynamically.

But as I said at the beginning - I have what I need so should be able to make progress.  Thank you.
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