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embedding google sheets charts to wikitude studio

embedding google sheets charts to wikitude studio

Hi! anyone has ever tried to embed a google sheet or chart to studio?

Hi Serhat,

it sounds an interesting experiment!

About the Google Sheet:

You could export a Google Sheet as "Web Page" (File -> Download as -> Web Page (.zip)). Then, you could try to embed the result into Studio as HTMLDrawable Augmentation. If you want the sheet as "target" then you need to convert it to an image.

About the chart:

It should be easier to embed a chart since it can be exported as an image and then imported in studio either as a "target" or "image augmentation" depending of your use case.

Have fun with Studio!


Thank You, for your response,

I'm trying to embed a live google chart as an html drawable. but the chart doesnt show properly on android devices or on iphones except ipad..

Hi Serhat,
Did you specify a value for the HTMLDrawable 'viewportWidth' and 'viewportHeight'?

Best regards

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