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Fragment Support

Fragment Support

Hello. Is there any planned support for using the ArchitectView in fragments? I can currently get it to work within a fragment to a certain degree, but the lifecycle events are a problem. Is there currently a way to manually release the camera with out having to call onDestroy() or other life cycle methods?

Hi Jack,

unfortunately this isn?t possible at the moment, but we are planning on refactoring the Android SDK after the upcoming 5.0 release.

Thank you and best regards,


Hi, I'm also looking for a way to put Wikitude's AR activity in fragment. I want to switch between some views which the AR view is one of them with swipe gesture and I only know how to implement this by using fragments.

I wanted to ask if there is any way to do this in SDK 5.

Thanks very much


This is not included in this first SDK 5 release but we have it on our list. We'll update you once we have it included in the list.



Hi Nicola, any update on this front? 

Is it possible with the current SDK use support fragments instead of activity for integrate the Wikitude Ar ?


Hello Paolo,

This is included since the release of the SDK 5.3. If you download our sample package then you can navigate to /WikitudeSDK_Android_6-1/Examples/SDKExamples/wikitude-sdk-samples/src/main/java/com/wikitude/samples/AbstractArchitectCamFragmentV4 and view the sample code we provide there.



Thank you Eva for the info,  I see you point me at the Javascript API for Android, is fragment support expected for NATIVE API ? :)

Hello Paolo,

The fragment support also works for Native API, however you have to implement it yourself there as we do not provide any samples.



Thank you Eva :)

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