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Unity Error: Current platform not supported

Unity Error: Current platform not supported


I just downloaded the Unity-package but don´t get the examples to work:

On Windows PC:

"The current platfrom (WindowsEditor) is not supported by the Wikitude Unity Plugin."

On Mac:

"The current platfrom (OSXEditor) is not supported by the Wikitude Unity Plugin."

Any ideas?


It currently cannot be tested/run on either OS, you'll need to export to iOS in order to test.  Apparently in editor support is coming.

I think Carsten Schonart is not concerned with that, the problem referred to by the error is referring to the operating system that is installed unity, not the one put to export the game.

Michael is right. You can start the Unity Editor on Mac OS X and Windows, add the Wikitude Unity Plugin and start creating your augmented reality project. Our current limitation is, that this project can only run on Android/iOS devices and not within the Unity Editor. So hitting the 'Play' button in Unity will result in the already mentioned error messages.

To fix this, simply export the projects for either iOS or Android and start them on the device. Please also refer to the Wikitude Unity Plugin documentation for more information.

Best regards


after a year from then, still don't have editor support?

Hi Steve,
You're right, so far we don't have support for previews in the Unity Editor. It's scheduled for version 2.x of our Unity plugin. Unfortunately I can't tell you exact dates when this version will be released.

Best regards,


Any news on this?

It takes too much time to be building to device for each test.


I am doing wikitude project using unity 5.6 in 32 bit win 7 machine .when i run my scene I get the error-"The current platfrom (WindowsEditor) is not supported by the Wikitude Unity Plugin."


Which version of Wikitude are you using?

Thank you,

Hi all,

A beta version of SDK 8 is now available for developers on the download page. Unity developers will be pleased to know that SDK 8 added AR-view  functionality to the Unity editor. Being able to test and tweak your  augmented reality project, hassle-free, during app creation greatly  reduces development and prototyping time.

Additionally,  developers can use the Unity Remote feature to test Instant Tracking  using a remote camera (e.g. a smartphone or tablet).


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wikitude sdk 7.2

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