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Define POIs with Objective C

Define POIs with Objective C

Thanks, it worked :)

Hi there!

Sure, you can use the .callJavaScript() function of the architectView to e.g. call your updatePois(JSONarray) function inside JS.

That way you can convert your native data-type into a JSON-Array and have a clean interface.
Ensure to properly encode your callJavaScript param.

Check out "Retrieving POI data from Application Model" Sample app for details

Hope that helps.


Hey there,

is there a possibility to add POIs direktly from Objective C (Swift, respectively), without using the datasource in the myjsondata.js file (like it is done in the "5_ObtainPoiData_2_FromLocalResource" example)? Alternatively, is it possible to alter the myjsondata.js from objective c?

I would like to present POIs, which are dynamically loaded from my backend.


best regards


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