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Android WebView

Android WebView

Is there a way to access the native WebView from the AR javascript?

Hi there!

Not sure if I get you right. Your JS code technically runs inside the native WebView but is part of the "ArchitectView", which is a Viewgroup containing also other private views.
* Check out "Native POI detail screen sample", where communication between JS and your native Android code is described.
* Have a look at "Retrieving POI data from application model" to see how to exchange data between your Android code and JS

Hope that helps.

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That does help thank you. I was looking for a way to communicate back to the Java layer. Initially I was going to attached my own JavascriptInterface to the WebVeiw, but noticed I could not access the WebView inside the ArchitectView.

The method you linked to helps to solve that problem. Thanks!
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