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Trouble with licensing Android

Trouble with licensing Android


I am trying to figure out how to bring in thelicense key for the AR program, bu when i try and follow the tutorial it sill thows errors, so i must be misinterpretting something.

so I have my MainActivity which serves as a menu and, on a button press, switches activities to architectView. In the onCreate method of the  architectView class in, i have the following lines

 this = (ArchtiectView)this.findViewById(;

final StartupConfiguraton config = new StartupConfiguration(WIKITUDE_LICENSE);



the debuggin software is saying, on the first line, that architectView and ArchitectView are incompatible types and that on the last line Bundle cannot be applied to StartupConfiguation. This is almost exactly what the tutorial has but i an't figure our what im doing wrong. Any Help would b much appreciated.

Thank you!

Hi Steven,

Please have a look at the Sample Application project which is stored in the "Examples" folder of the Wikitude Android SDK.
In general you have to pass over the license information to the architectView, but from your Activitiy's code.
Also ensure to implement all life-cycle forwards as written in the Samples.

Kind regards,

Thank you for the Quick response! This is exactly what I needed.

Have a nice day!
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