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Visit Multiple Targets In Order

Visit Multiple Targets In Order

I want to setup a AR experience where the user is guided through a store with multiple targets. 

Eg They start at the store front and scan an target on the front window. They get a welcome screen and then are directed with text to go to the second point at view new shoes in store.

At the shoe section there is another target that they scan that advises of new shoes in stock and anything special then directs them with text to the sunglass section to see the specials there. etc

Can that all be done in one project or do i need a new project for each location?

Currently im in trial mode so cant see how projects works with multiple images. 

Thanks in advance.



Hi Graeme,

one single project in Studio can host multiple targets and for each target you can define augmentations to display.

In your example, you could upload three targets: one for the store front, one for the shoes area and one for the sunglasses area.

Let me know if it helped. For any further information feel free to ask.

Have a nice day,


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