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Cordova CLI tutorial

Cordova CLI tutorial


Trying to follow the tutorial. But it seems that it needs to be updated. It calls loadARchitectWorld with a path to the world. 



But this call will not work since the api call requires callbacks as first and second argument.

WikitudePlugin.prototype.loadARchitectWorld = function(successCallback, errorCallback, architectWorldPath, requiredFeatures, startupConfiguration)


The example bunddle is calling loadARchitectWorld correctly though.

It would be greate to have a complete example code for an *simple* Wikitude app (just to get people started). By a "simple complete" example code I mean something that I can copy paste as a whole into my program that will work. With the current example I need to copy and paste stuff between callbacks (ex: onDeviceReady) to make it work.


Hi Kjartan,

thank you for your feedback regarding the Cordova documentation. You are right, this guide wasn't updated for the 4.1 API changes. We will fix that.

Best regards,
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