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isDeviceSupported not calling callbacks

isDeviceSupported not calling callbacks

We have an uppcomming game in development where everything worked fine. AR view showed the enviroment without any issues. Now ... for reasons unknown ... the Wikitude plugin does not work any more.

The project loads without any complaints on my iPhone 5s but the wikitude plugin is not initiated correctly.

So I decided to followed the instructions given in and the same issue appears. isDeviceSupported callback does not callback.

Using Safari console I try to call isDeviceSupported and nothing happens. When trying to load the world I get an error regarding "old format ... has been removed".

>> app.wikitudePlugin.loadARchitectWorld("www/res/ARchitect/SimpleCircle.html");

The old format of this exec call has been removed (deprecated since 2.1). Change to: cordova.exec(null, null, "www/res/ARchitect/SimpleCircle", "html",); (cordova.js, line 947)


I am running cordova 4.3.0 and cordova-ios@3.8.0


Here is the project as a zip file having a detailed log file "cli-log.txt" on what I did. Any help would be greatfull. 

Hi Kjartan,
Can you update your cordova installation? I'm currently on 5.0 and the Wikitude PhoneGap example application, which is available on GitHub, works just fine for me concerning the isDeviceSupported callbacks.

Any feedback on that test run is highly appreciated.

Best regards


Thanks for your respond. Upgrading cordova to 5.0.0 did not resolve the issue. What I did was 

removed the old project

upgraded cordova to 5.0.0 

ran cordova -v before each cordova command (to make sure)

added the license key and reused my testing code

This ended with the same result 

Running app.wikitudePlugin.isDeviceSupported(app.onDeviceSupported, app.onDeviceNotSupported);  did not call the callbacks.

And calling loadARchitectWorld complains about old format 

The old format of this exec call has been removed (deprecated since 2.1). Change to: cordova.exec(null, null, "www/res/ARchitect/SimpleCircle", "html",);

I have uploaded the current test to my dropbox.

What would be great is to have a simple example working and work from there. I have tried getting the samples to work but the script fails without any errors when generating them.



i faced the same problem. It turns out the issue was with the followings:

1. Spaces in project path directory;

2. The implementation of CP command.

i moved the css folder to my desktop (any other place so long no spaces in path); changed the line 50 of the Wikitude generator script to "cp -R /Users/dominodiversified/Desktop/css "${DESTINATION_DIRECTORY}"/css" and it worked fine.

Check Copying Files Recursively at to have a better understanding.


Good luck

More details regarding creation of samples apps.

After unzipping the "" file I run

./ -d mysamples -ios true -android true


Creating a new cordova project.


usage: cp source_file target_file

       cp source_file ... target_directory


The script runs for 5 seconds and creates a directory "mysamples" (which I have uploaded to my dropbox). The www directory contains stuff but all other folders are empty.

I assume that it failes creating the sample since the README file indicates that it takes a long time to run the script.

When I first got started with Wikitude (1.5 years ago) I used a sample app to get me up and running. It worked like a charm. I can not find that example any more.

Would it be possible to offer an **extremly** simple cordova app that I could try.


Thx Amjad for the hint regarding spaces in the path directory!

The cp command should be fine as it already copies all files inside the css directory (css/*) recursively into the new css directory.

Best regards


Hi Kjartan,
It seems that our script which generates a new cordova project and then adds the example app content is failing during asset copying. You could try to run it like sh and use paths that don't contain any white spaces.

The Wikitude PhoneGap exmaple application is our smallest cordova example, so you need to get this one working on your machine.

Once the example app could be created and the script was able to copy the files, it starts downloading the WikitudePlugin from GitHub. This download part can take several minutes, depending on your internet connection speed. An appropriate message is shown in Terminal during that time.


Best regards


Running the script in a "clean" path results in another "cp" error. See output bellow


Kjartans-MacBook-Pro:wikitude-phonegap-samples-master kjartanjonsson$ ./ 


Creating a new cordova project with name "Samples" and id "Plugin" at location "/Volumes/Workspace/Workspace/tests/wikitude-phonegap-samples-master/Scripts/com.wikitude.phonegapsamples"


cp: /css/*: No such file or directory

Kjartans-MacBook-Pro:wikitude-phonegap-samples-master kjartanjonsson$ pwd






Best to keep the thread on point :) 

I am calling isDeviceSupported this way

app.wikitudePlugin.isDeviceSupported(app.onDeviceSupported, app.onDeviceNotSupported);

>>> which in turn calls the Wikitude plugin

WikitudePlugin.prototype.isDeviceSupported = function(successCallback, errorCallback, requiredFeatures) {

// Check if the current device is capable of running Architect Worlds

cordova.exec(successCallback, errorCallback, "WikitudePlugin", "isDeviceSupported", );



This looks all good. But I noticed that when entering the native code this condition fails


if ( )


When debugging using Safari I notice that cordova.callbackFromNative is successfully called. But neither the callback.success or is called. Rather the condition which they have commented (in cordova.js line 290)



                    Note, this case is intentionally not caught.

                    this can happen if isSuccess is true, but callbackStatus is NO_RESULT

                    which is used to remove a callback from the list without calling the callbacks

                    typically keepCallback is false in this case




and subsequently removed. 

Am I doing something wrong?


Your path is /Volumes/Workspace/... - Does the script write access to this directory? Can you make sure that write access is given, use sudo or try it on your local disk.

Best regards


I just verified again that with cordova -v == 5.0.5 and our Wikitude PhoneGap example application (master branch), our Wikitude PhoneGap plugins works just fine.

Can you please create a Wikitude PhoneGap example application on your internal hard drive and chech if that's working for you. 

I'm sorry that I can't give you any other instructions 


Best regards

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