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Didn't find class "com.wikitude.architect.StartupConfiguration" on path: /d

Didn't find class "com.wikitude.architect.StartupConfiguration" on path: /d


I've been trying to update an existing app to use your latest version of wikitude but I'm having trouble getting it to work:

Based on your demo-apps it seems to me that this function:

//var config = new ArchitectView.ArchitectConfig (Constants.WIKITUDE_SDK_KEY);


Had been replaced with this function:

var config = new StartupConfiguration (Constants.WIKITUDE_SDK_KEY, StartupConfiguration.Features.Tracking2D);

When I try to run it though it gives this error:
Didn't find class "com.wikitude.architect.StartupConfiguration" on path: /d......

If i run the supplied demo-project everything works fine.

Any pointers on what I'm missing here?

Im using Xamarin and the projext is on Android.

We have updated the Xamarin component with the latest release of our SDK (version 4.1), and maybe your project is still using an older version.

You can try using the old "ArchitectView.ArchitectConfig" class (which has been deleted from the SDK). If you can find that class, then you are still running an outdated version of the component.

I'm using the new method because I can't find the old ArchitectView.ArchitectConfig, hence I must be using the latest update.

Hi Henrik,

just so that we are on the same page. We did move to a store component with the last release, which changed how the library is referenced by the project.

1. You removed the Project Reference to the old Library from Edit References/Project References?
2. You added the Wikitude Component through the Component Store?
3. When you expand the Components folder you see an entry "Augmented Reality Wikitude SDK", and when you double click it it says "Augmented Reality Wikitude SDK 4.1.2" in the title?

Best regards,
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