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Execute Xamarin code from javascript

Execute Xamarin code from javascript


I'm using the Xamarin extension and am having great success. However, I'm wanting to navigate to another screen/view controller/activity within the AR javascript code. How can I accomplish this? Basically when a target is detected I'd like to have the app navigate to another screen/view controller/activity. Any sample code out there that is specific to the Xamarin extension?



Hi Mike,
You can use the WTArchitectView delegate property to provide an implementation for the -architectView:invokedURL: method. This method is called when your write something like this in your ARchitect World: 'document.location = 'architectsdk://myCustomString?WithParameters&ThatICanParseIn&MyNativeApplication'; Once you have the call in your native application, you can do what ever you want, e.g. push another view controller.

We also have a sample application available on our GitHub page.

Best regards

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